Valentine’s Day Date with Suitr

So. This is my first Valentine’s Day in many moons that I will be riding solo. Which is totally cool and important to my growth as a well-rounded human. Seriously, no minimal sarcasm. Because TBH, those Valentine’s Day that I had a “Valentine” were rarely as magical as society would like for you to believe.

As a single, 20-something female, this time of year can be difficult. It’s much easier to hate February 14th than it is to admit that you don’t have a special someone to spend this glorious, romantic day with and that you are okay with that. There are days when I  fully understand the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment. But other days, I wonder “why shouldn’t I (and singles everywhere) get to participate in the holiday of love’s annual festivities?” And also, more incessantly around this time of year, “Am I really destined to meet the man of my dreams on a dating app?”

I will be the first to admit that digital dating is not my cup of tea. I still haven’t quite figured out where I will meet this dream man, but I struggle to believe that it will be over a series of emojis with a stranger, who I quickly analyzed based on a few pictures and 300 characters. One of my best friends met her wonderful and perfect fiancée on Tinder, so I know that it is possible, but is it possible for me?

Serious Suitors with Suitr

suitrI believe in romance and so does Suitr. Suitr is a brand new dating app that is bringing back romance in Denver. Suitr is full of real dates (no creeps) looking for real, meaningful relationship. We all probably have a brutal dating app story (or five), but with Suitr, you can cut through all of the nonsense and get right to chatting with people who are looking for the real deal  instead of a late-night booty call.

Now, I know you are asking, “how can I be sure that everyone is well-intentioned and looking for love?” Well, to be honest – you can’t be. Just as in life, you can never be 100% sure. About anything. But with Suitr ups the ante a little bit. First, you must be invited to join. (Don’t worry, I gotchu.) Then you must confirm that you are looking for a serious relationship (if you lie and troll hopeless romantics, then I wish you best, karma is a real bitch) and your profile (and pictures) must be approved by a dating concierge. So yeah, no more shirt-less mirror selfies. (Thank god). You will receive a daily batch of 3-4 eligible Suitrs, which helps make it less overwhelming and easier to manage. You can upgrade to VIP so that you can browse all Suitr members and see who liked your profile.

I’ll be your Valentine’s Date

Suitr is brand new to Denver and is still looking for people to join the Suitr squad. You can be one of the very first people to join the game. Use my invite code: 1866 to get access to the app today. 

Suitr also has you covered this Valentine’s Day weekend.  Join Suitr and ME on Friday, February 12 at The EDGE at Four Seasons to learn more about Suitr, meet eligible singles and kick off Valentine’s Day weekend right.  I will be giving away a CLP Jewelry arrow pouch, filled with all the date night essentials. Subscribe to my blog and follow CLP Jewelry on Instagram and you can be entered to win an extra raffle ticket at the event.

The jury is still out on whether or not digital dating is the key to dating, but I’m not sure I’m ready to give up just yet. I like to think that if Suitr was around in the 90’s, Carrie Bradshaw would be all over it. After all, ““Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better.” And maybe that somewhere is Suitr.

Have you met your current significant other on a dating app? If so, which one? And what was your opening line? Leave your story in the comments!

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