Tinder is a Full-Time Job

So, I know that I said recently that a simple email from Hinge got me back in the digital dating game…but it is going to take a lot more than an email and a handful of “eligible bachelors” to keep me in the game. Look, don’t get me wrong; I would love to find “Mr. Right” or at least “Mr. Right Now”, but I question whether or not he will be waiting for me behind the screen of a dating app. Now, I know that people have had great success with Tinder, one of my best friends found her future husband on Tinder and he’s a catch, so there IS hope! But for someone who has a hard-enough time texting back her mom, her roommate and her long-distances best friends, I find it next to impossible to not only text back a Tinder match, but keep them straight and keep the conversation going. Digital dating is a full-time job, I am just not sure if I am in the market for another 9-5.

If you are looking for love in the digital dating world and/or looking for a job, here are a few tips for keeping it all straight. (To be honest, this is probably most helpful for job seekers, but if you are soulmate seeker, these tips probably wouldn’t hurt.)

  1. Make a list of what you are looking for in a job/career (Take a few minutes to think about what you are looking for in a relationship.)
  2. Reach out to references and start putting out feelers (Holler at your matchmaking best friend and let them know that you are dabbling in the dating world.)
  3. Compile a list of companies that you are interested in (Start swiping!)
  4. Customize your cover letter and resume to the job description and company (Customize your first interaction with your new match based on their descriptions or photos! It will give you something to talk about other than the weather.)
  5. Keep track of when you apply to each job (Skip to step 7.)
  6. Create calendar reminders to follow up with companies that you reached out to (If you need this step [congrats you are like me!!!!] you also probably aren’t terribly interested in your matches, but whatever floats your boat.)
  7. Then actually follow up (This is the tricky part; keep the conversation flowing by checking in with your matches. Perhaps you should ask for the interview. I mean, date.)
  8. Research and prepare for you interview (Do a quick refresh on what you have already talked about. Don’t get Derek’s favorite movie mixed up with Sam’s!)
  9. Brush your hair and put on  your Sunday’s best (duh.)
  10. Say the interviewers name repeatedly through the interview (People like to hear their own name, plus it helps you to remember this is Bobby not Jimmy.)
  11. Send a post-interview thank you note (I am pretty sure this is not required post-date. If it is, that would explain a lot.)
  12. Follow up! (People; boys, girls, and companies like attention.)
  13. Make a list of pros and cons about each position you have applied for right after your interview (Try not to over-analyze, but make a mental note of the things you liked and the things that are game-changers or deal-breakers.)
  14. If you get multiple offers, let them down gently and honestly. (As a general life rule, you should be kind and honest. This goes for job searching and dating. And, you definitely don’t want to burn any bridges.)
  15. Bring what you learned from your old job, but leave the baggage. (If I need to explain this one, call me.)

I got the job-seeking part down. Dating…is still a work in progress.

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