The Coat

Can we stop everything and just talk about this coat? After surviving our first Denver “blizzard”, winter is here and the pressure to find stylish and affordable outerwear is in full effect. I have been lusting over vintage fur coats for many moons, but to be honest, my lifestyle doesn’t necessitate a fur coat (yet). But when I spotted this beautiful baby at the Paris Street Market, I knew she was the one.

I was on a mission for patio furniture and on strict orders (from my bank account) not to spend ANY money on clothes or accessories. I was one jacket deep when I spotted the fur and suede hanging on a rack full of vintage coats and dresses. I HAD to have this coat. Not only was it a perfect fit, it was in my price range at JUST FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS. My newest addition to my closet has been hanging in my room, like artwork, patiently waiting for it to drop below 50 so it can be her time to shine.

This 70s-inspired work of art can and will go with almost everything in my closet. But I found the perfect compliment in a brand new pair of extra-flare bell bottoms from Common Era. Word on the street is that boot-cut is back and I jumped right to mega flare. These bells took a little warming up before I was hooked, but now I am a full-on flare fanatic. As with all denim, the secret is in the fit. This pair hugs the curves without pinching, they are tight through the thigh and knee and extend to a serious flare that demands a pair of platforms. The cinched belt of my beloved coat helped to complete the hour-glass shape and made me feel like I flashed back to the 70’s.

Now, please enjoy the awesomeness that is The Coat.



p.s. If you don’t like my bells, I don’t like you. (only half kidding, xo)

p.p.s. Let’s talk about this hair for a quick second. I started my blonde journey in May. I expected to go from virgin, chocolate brown locks to “carmel” blonde in one session. Apparently, that’s not how it works. My mega star hair wizard, LinZy from Define Salon, has helped me achieve my blonde ambition and I am obsessed. Denver friends, book an appointment with Linzy today and get a free haircut and a new, awesome friend!

p.p.p.s Enjoy the blonde while it lasts, next is purple!

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