The Mysteries of Dating (Explained by Men)

Boys/men/guys/dudes are confusing as hell. Especially when it comes to this thing called “dating”.

I have always been fortunate enough to have many close guy friends. There is something special about being considered a “lady bro” and knowing that your best dude will forcibly remove you from a late night run-in with your ex. But just because I am lucky to call many lovely gentlemen and scholars my best buds, doesn’t mean I understand their dating habits. AT ALL.

So, I interviewed some of my best dudes and some casual acquaintances to answer the questions that all the single ladies want to know in hopes of being able to understand one inkling of their dating thought process. We got the hope*ful* romantic, the realist, the charmer and the f*ck boi.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy (and swag) of these young men. 

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