Valentine’s Day Date with Suitr

So. This is my first Valentine’s Day in many moons that I will be riding solo. Which is totally cool and important to my growth as a well-rounded human. Seriously, no minimal sarcasm. Because TBH, those Valentine’s Day that I had a “Valentine” were rarely as magical as society would like for you to believe.

As a single, 20-something female, this time of year can be difficult. It’s much easier to hate February 14th than it is to admit that you don’t have a special someone to spend this glorious, romantic day with and that you are okay with that. There are days when I  fully understand the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment. But other days, I wonder “why shouldn’t I (and singles everywhere) get to participate in the holiday of love’s annual festivities?” And also, more incessantly around this time of year, “Am I really destined to meet the man of my dreams on a dating app?”

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