#Sports: Game Day Attire

It is Week 8 (er, maybe 9 already?) of the NFL Regular Season and all of my teams are undefeated. Those teams, in no particular order, are my fantasy football team (Mile High Holly), The Cincinnati Bengals and The Denver Broncos.

If I am being honest, I am the most impressed and proud of my fantasy team. While I can definitely hold my own in a conversation about football, keeping up on player’s wardrobe and dating habits comes more naturally to me than YACs and QBRs (yards after catch and quarter back ratings for all you laymans out there…jk I just learned those too). Needless to say, I am VERY pleased with the way this year is turning out, and the males in my family are not. Suckas. I digress. 

I have been told repeatedly by my beloved baby sister that one simply CANNOT cheer for the Bengals AND the Broncos, as they are in the same conference. But, I am an equal opportunity sports fan. Not to be confused with a fair-weather fan, mind you. I just like a handful for teams, some for complicated reasons (Go Blue!), and I will cheer for whoever I want, damnit.  (Especially if you are on my fantasy team. GO PANTHERS, I love you.)

Living in Broncos country, it is hard not to bleed orange and blue. And my closet reflects that. The amount of Broncos-esque apparel that I have acquired over the past 2 years is shocking. Yet so convenient come game day. My assortment of orange and blue gear allows me to mix and match will still maintaining my personal style preference.

And you can too. One of the easiest ways to show your team spirit is by rocking some branded gear. The NFL has really uped its game when it comes to women’s apparel. You can find everything from jerseys, to ugly Christmas sweaters to flash tats (whut.) and more on the NFL Shop. If you are looking for some sparkle with your sports, Victoria Secret’s Pink Line also has a ton of really cute NFL sports apparel. But I LOVE the the Junk Food Clothing line of NFL gear, which is where I got my Broncos sweatshirt. These pieces have a vintage aesthetic and feel like more organic additions to my wardrobe than a pink and diamond jersey.

Next, may I recommend a pair of pants in your teams colors? Or two. Throw on a basic tee and a scarf or necklace in the other team color and you are ready for the game!

Here are a few of my favorite Broncos looks.




Footnotes: Yes, we are on the field at Mile High Stadium and no, we do not belong there. But, we only bent the rules. The day we happened to be taking pictures, the Broncos Kids Fan Club was hosting a Halloween event and as children-at-heart, we walked right in. Sans-kids and costume, we looked a bit out of place, but were absolutely besides ourselves that we made it into the stadium, on to the field and in the the locker room. BKFC, if you are reading this post; we are so sorry, we didn’t eat the pizza and your decorations were honestly terrifying.

Also, my fantasy team suffered a tragic weekend with the loss of Le’veon Bell and Steve Smith (wishing both a speedy recovery!). But I feel confident in my team and my ability as a coach. Of my couching prowess, CBS Sports Fantasy Football has said “The good decision is just more of the same for Coach Holly Schnicke, whose gameday decisions have been some of the best in the league this season“, and I plan to continue to do just that. (Jk, I have no idea what I am doing.)

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