Saline Soothers: Winter Cold Hack

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Saline Soothers

I need to share with you my secret to winter wellness. I’m going to get real down (and a little dirty), but I promise it will be worth the read. Your nose will thank you. (all future mates, stop reading now and just purchase Saline Soothers – and get one pack free – today.)

If you live in a cold, dry place (like Denver) or have ever had a cold or allergies, ever, you know how painful and un-glam it is to have a chapped, red nose for 3 months out of the year. Literally NO ONE looks cute with a red nose. Even Rudolph is questionable.

Regular tissues make the situation worse and before you know it, a significant percentage of your face is red and in pain. If you have had the pleasure of hanging out with me between the months of Nov.-March, you have probably heard me whine about badly the inside of my nose hurts and how much I hate blowing my nose (told you it wouldn’t be pretty, sorry that you are now thinking about the inside of my dry nose. and also sorry for bringing it up now). If you are extra lucky, you have heard me talk about my determination to find a solution. Humidifiers help and so do ointments, but Saline Soothers changed the game for me.

Saline Soothers are pre-moistened tissues with natural saline, aloe, chamomile and Vitamin E. (Your nose is already excited). The saline cleans and breaks down the mucus while the aloe and Vitamin E keeps your nose looking up to snuff. To be honest, I don’t know how I survived 25 years of colds without these babies.


I know this first hand, because I feel as if I have spent the majority of this winter season with some version of the sniffles. As I write this blog, I lay in bed patiently waiting until it is time to take my next round of cold medicine and binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I am still trying to figure out how to be sick when my mom is 1,191 miles away. Saline Soother makes being sick a little more bearable – even without your mom.

To get your hands on your own package of Saline Soothers, check them out on Facebook or online and learn how to get a free pack and to make your nose happy.


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  1. Love this it’s as I have been flying through tissues and the inside of my nose is equally unglam. Counting days til my Saline Soothers arrive

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