I’m back!

Hey, it’s me. Holly!!! Long time no talk, right? I know, I know. Life got busy, y’all. But after enduring a full holiday season of “Where are you gonna post again?” and “I really miss your blog” and a whole lot of soul searching, (and then several more months of procrastinating) I AM BACK. So, thank you for got giving up on me and for continuing to harass me about bringing it back. And, an extra thank you for my horoscope that has been low-key pressuring me to get back to writing for an entire year. I hear you.

So, what have I been doing for the past 8 11 months? Good question. (checks Instagram feed).

  • Ventured to Portland and FELL HARD.
  • My hair was purple, then blonde, then back to brunette. and now it’s short.
  • Kicked off my wedding career by running man challenge-ing into the reception.
  • Watched the Cavs win the NBA finals.
  • Spent 6 whole days (mainly) disconnected from emails and read 4 books in South Carolina.
  • Flew in a plane with my pilot friend and didn’t fall out of the OPEN DOOR.
  • Saw Chance the Rapper in concert and literally had a spiritual awakening. While surrounded by drunk 18-year-olds. notcute.
  • Went to Kansas City, saw lots of art and ate no barbecue.
  • Traveled to Austin and ate ALL the BBQ.
  • Reconnected with old friends and made a bunch of new friends.
  • Saw JA RULE AND ASHANTI and High School Holly died from pure joy.
  • Went on a few dates, revisited an old flame and had several weird non-relationship relationships situations.
  • Turned twentysix.
  • Survived TWO multi-wedding weekends and considered a career as a professional bridesmaid.
  • Gave myself a concussion on a green ski run (not my best moment) AND hiked my first back bowl (definitely one of my best moments).
  • And a whole lot of work and bullshit.

It’s been a busy couple of months and I don’t expect it to ever slow down, but I am back. for now.

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