How one email got me back in the digital dating game

Originally posted for DMXENGAGE on August 27.

Anyone in the marketing industry knows that email marketing is good. And when email marketing is done well, it’s even better. As a self-professed email marketing nerd, I often get responses like “Oh, so you are the one that is spamming my inbox!” when I tell my peers what I do for a living (by the way, good sir, there is a LOT of work that goes into that “spam,” but that is for another blog post). I digress. There are always a few emails that stop me in my tracks, and the most recent showstopper is complements of Hinge.

If you aren’t familiar with Hinge, I am envious. Hinge is a mobile dating app that “matches” you with potential romantic partners based on your mutual Facebook friends. As a recently single Millennial, it seemed like the thing to do. Although after several weeks of “matching” with less than ideal candidates, I said goodbye to my digital matchmaker.

It’s been 3 stress-free, match-free, flirt-free weeks and I was embracing the free feeling. Until today. When I received this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.38.03 PM

Dammit Hinge. Now I HAVE to know who these “potential” matches are, and you picked a wonderfully handsome gentleman to serve as my ideal “potential” (if you are reading this, I enjoy hiking, reading and talking about marketing automation). Now I am seriously considering re-entering the world of digital dating, all because of this one email.

This is why it worked:

  • I got an email from Hinge
    • What? I don’t even remember giving them my email or caring why, but I see the method to your madness now Hinge
  • The subject line caught my eye….
    • The ellipsis had me guessing what I would see when I opened the email (side note: I was not disappointed)
  • The body copy is short and sweet with another challenge-inspiring ellipsis and, as I mentioned before, an intriguing image and potential match
  • The call to action “View More” pulled on my heart strings and has me wondering how many other gentleman have liked my profile…
    • And drops me to a landing page that asks me to re-download the app (womp, womp…still intrigued though)
  • For those lucky in love, they ask to share the success stories
  • And the piece de resistance:
    • You are RIGHT Hinge, I AM awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.49.08 PM



(And I am probably going to re-download your app. Perfect execution, you dating master.)


  1. You forgot you mention that one of your BFFs met her future husband on Tinder 😉 miss you love you and am so proud of you! xo Katie

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