11 Holiday Travel Essentials


It’s that time of year and my arrow is pointed east this holiday season. This year, I am taking a red-eye with a layover so I gotta be prepared. Mentally and physically. Here are just a few of my holiday travel essentials.

CLP Jewelry Fringe Cross-Body: A girl’s gotta have something beautiful and useful to carry all her shit in. I am lucky enough to rock this beauty. This handmade, buttery leather pouch is light-weight, roomy and full of sass. All essential for traveling.

Health Warrior – Chia Bar: Airplanes don’t always have snacks these day (and make you pay a trillion dollars to check a bag) so you gotta be prepared. These little bars are delicious and hella healthy (gluten-free, vegan, less than 5g of sugar, fiber, protein, chia seeds (duh), blah, blah blah). They are good and good for you.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus: There is nothing worse than unpacking your perfectly styled holiday ensemble than to find your “make your ex-boyfriend jealous” dress wrinkly and a faint smell of suitcase. I don’t own an iron and I sure as hell am not ironing when I get back to Cinci. And Donna isn’t gonna do it (anymore). Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is the perfect solution – a few sprays and a few tugs and you are back in the game. This magic laundy tonic is also a fabric refresher and static remover. And I am going to assume that “Fabric Refresher” means that I can wear something a few times before I wash it. Right? Ok. Adulting Hack: Get your hands on the good stuff, ASAP.

Order yours today: DOWNY 3 oz. Travel Size Wrinkle Release Plus

Ear Plugs: These babies got me through the sorority house and keep me sane after living underneath elephants and now I don’t travel without them. Whether it is a screaming baby on an airplane or your mom slamming pots and pans at 8 am, you will really thank yourself when you reach for these babies.

A notebook: My BaB’s sent me this notebook for my 25th birthday so I can capture all of my adulting wisdom. My best ideas come to me when I am on the go and sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than putting pen to paper.

Tribe Kelly Road Tripper Beanie: It’s cold (and hard) out there in the real world. The next best thing to a helmet is this mustard beanie. Plus you can pull it over your eyes when the 4-year-old in row 12 won’t stop staring at you. Multi-functional and on trend. Plus, it is no secret that I luv the Tribe Kelley kween and my style icon, B. Cole.

A book: Duh. I always have 10ish books on my bookshelf and holiday time spent at the airport is the perfect time to cross some off the list. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is the perfect travel companion. Short, sweet and smart short stories from Mindy Kahling’s best friend (and other stuff) B.J. Novak.

Chocolate: Because it taste good. And because dark chocolate is proven to reduce stress

Gum: This seems obvious. But extra important on my journey back to my homeland. You never know when you can run into an ex-boyfriend. Gotta be prepared. And minty fresh!

5-7 lipsticks: I am rarely without a small drug store of lipstick options. One for every mood and occasion. After a day of traveling, a little lipstick can put the pep back in your step! Some of my favs are:

L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour, Spice, 0.13-Ounce
BOOTS No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick Raspberry
Lipstick Sephora Collection the Red 04 – Classic Bright Red
MAKE UP FOREVER Rouge Artist Intense 13
Lancome Color Design Love It

Dry Shampoo: I am your resident dry shampoo advocate. I use it almost daily for volume, texture and oil control. Be sure to bring a travel size bottle with you to perk up your airplane hair or to refresh your ‘do after a busy day of holiday parties. I’ve tried em all and TRESemme Fresh Start Shampoo is one of my all-time favorites.

With my carry-on packed full of my holiday travel essentials, I feel ready to tackle the holidays stress and wrinkle free.

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