Change and Chaos

If you search “Quotes about Change” on Pinterest (which is my source of inspiration), you mostly find inspirational words about unexpected and painful change, which I have also have had my fair share of in my day. But where are the quotes for happy, exciting, overdue, crazy, (a little smelly), positive and all-encompassing change?!

The best I got is “All great things are proceeded by chaos,” from spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra. And September was full of great things and chaos. In the span of one beautiful week in September, I bought a new car, started a new job and moved into a new apartment. That’s a lot of new in one week. And chaotic was an understatement.

While all of the changes in my recent life have been positive and intentional, change is never fun. In the past, I have fought change. I like things a certain way and any deviation from that used to be hard for me to handle. In the recent years, I have accepted that I am at the will of the universe and it’s much easier to bend. A teacher of mine (during a time when I was particularly ornery and stubborn) once told me, “be a willow, bend, but never break,” and while at 13, I thought she was crazy, my 24-year-old self cherishes this aphorism.

Whether you plan the change or the unexpected change shakes you to your core, it is happening and you can either embrace it or fight it. I encourage you to embrace the change and find the positives in the new adventure(s) that you are embarking on. And when your planned change also begins to change, take a deep breath and keep moving, know that this is all part of your the plan.  Planned or unplanned, I promise that the change dealt your way will transform your life in a way that you could have never predicted. And if you aren’t happy, it’s not over. Keep moving.

So, now I leave you with happy quotes about change:

  • “All great things are proceeded by chaos.”
  • “Be a willow, bend, but never break.”
  • “If you aren’t happy, it’s not over.”


  1. I’ve made these leaps of change chaos before. And I guess I’m all in on doing them again… 😉
    (I may have done a lot of swiping left yesterday. Like, a LOT.)

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