A farewell

*sits and stares at empty screen for 23 minutes*

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard – Winnie the Pooh. 


Today is the last day at the agency that took a hungry, passionate journalism major, fresh out of college and turned her into a (wannabe) badass marketer. While the decision to leave was all mine and I know that this is the appropriate next step in my life and in my career, saying goodbye to the company and team and clients who have helped me get here was harder than I had anticipated.

Nearly two years ago and after countless resumes and a handful of interviews, the team at DMXENGAGE gave me a chance. In those two years, I learned

  • Waking up for work is harder than any 8 am class
  • Coffee.is.life.
  • Car naps are necessary and appropriate (debatable)
  • Email marketing is a thing and its gonna be HUGE
  • There are few website changes that are truly “quick”
  • What dynamic content, a/b testing, list segmentation,
  • Lots of acronyms: CTR, CTA, CRM, CAN-SPAM, ROI and most importantly #GSD (#getshitdone)
  • How to manage client expectations when everything is going wrong
  • That at the end of the day, its not rocket surgery, we’re just sending emails
  • Your bosses aren’t nearly as scary as the world wants you to believe
    • I got lucky and was blessed with two badass girl bosses who kept me laughing and learning every single day

DMXENGAGE and my team gave the responsibilities and encouragement that allowed me to succeed and supported me when I failed (which I did). In my two years, there were lots of laughs and a few tears. But as I move on to my new step in the journey, I take with me everything I learned and everyone I met.

DMXENGAGE was more than just a company and I got WAY more than a paycheck and killer experience. I met Denver family, and my next place of employment has big shoes to fill.

To the next adventure. Onward.

*The irony that I am quoting Winnie the Pooh on a blog about adulting is not lost on me. In fact, it feels all too relevant.

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