25 Last Minute Gifts 20-somethings Actually Want

Christmas shopping was easy when you could grab the latest Barbie and call it a day. Flash-forward 20-ish years and holiday shopping has gotten a lot more complicated. This blog is intended for the average adulter’s beloved grown-ups. If you are are feeling the last-minute pressure to find the perfect gift for your 20-something, I’ve got you covered. The best part, many of these gifts can be ordered/purchased online and delivered by email. Some aren’t even tangible items, but they will surely bring a smile to your child’s face. Trust me.

Here are 25 things your 20-something actually wants.

1. Whole Foods Gift Card


We love Whole Foods. But, tbh, we can barely afford it. Help a sister out and hook your 20-something up with a Whole Foods gift card so they can spend $23 on a salad. #worthit

Whole Foods Market Gift Card

2. Netflix/Hulu/HBOGO Subscription


Netflix (and chill – optional) have become an integral part of our lives. Many of us are doing without cable in favor of our favorite streaming service. Offer to pay for a few months of service and well love you forever.

Netflix Gift Cards: $7.99/month
Hulu Plus 6-Month Gift Card: $7.99/month
HBO Now Gift Card: $14.99/month

3. Pay Bills


We are independent women, but we aren’t going to say “no thank you” to some help with our monthly bills.

4. Movie Tickets


Going to see a movies these day is a treat and in the heart of Oscar season, it is hard to decided which movie to splurge on. Make it easy with a movie gift card or two!

Regal Entertainment Gift Card $25
AMC Theatre Gift Card $25
Fandango Gift Cards

5. iPhone Charger(s)


It’s likely quite obvious that we are in a serious relationship with our iPhone. (Don’t kid yourself, your addiction is growing every day too.) We can never have enough chargers, especially the portable kind. Help us stay connected to the world.

Ultra Portable Charger: $15.99
3 Pack Charger Cord for iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Battery Case: $39.95

6. Nice Booze


And by nice, we mean anything that costs more than $10. We have graduated from Burnett’s but not by much.

7. Fancy Water Bottle 


Drinking water is hard. Make it easier and cooler (literally and figuratively) with a fancy water bottle.

S’well Water Bottle 17 oz : $39.95
Klean Kanteen 20 Oz: $44.00
Hydro Flask Water Bottle, Narrow Mouth, 24 oz: $29.99

8. Snack Box


There is no such thing has too many snacks. Especially when they are hassle-free AND healthy. Help stock your baby’s cabinet from a far with a snack box subscription.

Graze Subscription: $11.99
NatureBox Subscription: $19.95

9. Tinder Plus


In the day of digital dating, swiping left on “The One” is a fate worse than death. I’ve thought at least once about spending $9.99 to swipe back to a potential suitor. Gift the gift of (potential) love this holiday season. I can hear the wedding bells now!

10. Nice Knives


We are well out of college, but still using dull knives that we found at Goodwill. Please help us as try to figure out the different between “mince” and “dice.

Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set With Matching Sheaths, Black: $29.72
Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set :$49.99

11. Airline Gift Cards


There are lots of weddings in our futures, not to mention our unquenchable desire to travel. Or we can use it to come see you. Everyone wins!

Southwest Airlines Gift Card $200

12. A break from “Are you dating anyone?”

If I make it through the holiday season without hearing this phrase, I will consider it the world’s best gift. Save yourself the certain eye roll by avoiding this question altogether. Extra points for eliminating “but you are SO ca-ute” as well.

13. Beauty Box


There is no such thing as too much makeup. And it is even more fun when it comes right to your door. These subscription boxes are curated based on your loved ones personal style and preferences and delivered every month.

Birchbox Subscription: $10/month for Women and $20/month for Men
Ipsy Subscription: $10/month

14. Laundry Service


Is this a thing? Mom? #help.  Here are a few laundry service apps that are available in most major cities.

15. Wine Glasses 


The days of “slapping the bag” are over and we like to drink our Two Buck Chuck out of “fine” glasses. Except they keep breaking.

Stemless Unbreakable Wine Glasses (Set of 4): $23.95
Unbreakable Wine Glasses (Set of 4): $27.99

16. Wine of the Month Subscription


We are going to need something to put in those wine glasses! Club W is a wine club that delivers 3 bottles of wine picked out just for you each month. Intrigued? Add this too your list too!

Club W Subscription: 3 bottles a month for $39 + $6 flat rate shipping

17. Nice Shampoo


We can not bear the disappointed look our sophisticated hair stylist that we are still using drug store shampoos on our beautifully colored locks.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner: $44.85
UNITE 7 Seconds Shampoo & Conditioner: $49.99
Sebastian Drench Shampoo + Conditioner: $29.50

18. Whiskey Rocks


Except there is and it’s called “watered down whiskey”. No thanks. Give Whiskey Rocks to all the whiskey-lovers on your list.

Whiskey Chilling Rocks: $9.95

19. Clothes Box


Moms, I know you are so tired of this phrase. And you feel helpless because you have no idea what your child is wearing these days. Try a clothing box that is full of items hand-picked just for your offspring.

Stitch Fix Subscription/Gift Card: $20 styling fee + clothing cost
Trunk Club: No membership fee, just clothing cost for what they decide to keep

20. Faster Metabolism

giphy (1)

If you find a healthy and legal solution to this, let us know. ASAP.

21. iPhone Camera Lens


Yeahhhhhhh, dats tru. Help us up the ante and take our instas to the next level with clip-on iPhone lenses.

3 in 1 Clip-On Lens for For iPhone 6S: $14.99

22. Nice Sheets


I’ve got Egyptian Cotten taste on a polyester budget.  While we’re at it, we’ll take Harry Styles too.

23. Car Tune Up


The car needs oil, but I also need mascara. So, the tune ups sometimes take a back seat. We can have our cake (mascara) and eat it two with an Oil Change gift certificate.

Jiffy Lube
Midas Gift Card

24. ClassPass

Help us with our basic New’s Resolution to “work out” more by sponsoring a month or two of ClassPass, a network of various fitness studios that allows you to spin, yoga, box, crossfit and more for one monthly membership.

ClassPass: $89/month

25. Money


Adulting is hard and expensive. If you are out of ideas (or time), we will graciously and appreciatively accept cold, hard cash.

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