18 Reasons Being Single is Awesome

IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY. Or for me, it’s Sunday. If you must know, I have had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day (weekend) yet. Because being single is awesome. Here are 18 reasons why.

Snacks in bed

Midnight snacks with no judgement – hello, yes please.







Yeahhhhhh, sorry. I do not want to talk about my day or to hear about yours.






Netflix Binge in Peace

Don’t have to worry about waiting for my SO to watch 4-5 episodes of [current Netflix] addiction. This is a freedom I am not sure I will ever be ready to give up






Whole Bed is Yours

I love my bed. MY bed. Which means I can take up as much room as I please.  And I never have to worry about someone stealing my blankets. Pillows over boyfriends, always.





Only shave your legs when you want to 

Yeahhhhhhhh, sorry for this friends (and future mates). It’s winter and shaving your legs is ANNOYING and time consuming. And, I simply ain’t got time for that.





Get whatever you want on your pizza

Ok people (and ex boyfriends everywhere), mushrooms. don’t. belong. on. pizza. If I must eat them, I will (half-heartedly) consume them on a salad. But I refuse to let them ruin pizza EVER AGAIN.






Fights with you girlfriends are nothing

Fights are never fun, but I’d rather fight with a girlfriend than a boyfriend any day of the week






Go to bed when you want

“We” don’t have a “bedtime”. If I want to go to bed at 6 p.m. or 2 a.m, I can. Because GUESS WHAT – I can do whatever I want.





Do whatever you want

Let me repeat – I can do whatever I want, when I want, with who I want.

635837994528537435-202964295_whatever i want to do gosh






Make out with who ever you want 

Re: above





Spend money on numbero uno

Need I say more? Sure, I like presents – but I don’t need a man to buy them for me.






Only laugh at jokes that are truly funny

I’ve wasted too many “laughs” in my day. Now I only laugh when I want to, damnit.





Take as long as you want to get ready

If I want to try on every outfit in my closet, I am going to. And NOBODY is going to tell me to “hurry up” when it comes to false eyelash application. One does not simply “hurry up.”







Focus on your career/side hustle/whatever you want

Significant others require a lot of work and attention. I’m too busy hustling.






All the closet space

The idea of having to give up my coveted closet space honestly haunts my dreams. Not today, sir.








You are the center of your universe, always. 

I am my own sun and stars and moon of my life. (Please note, willing to make exception for Khal Drogo look-alikes)






Only have to worry about loving myself

‘nuf said.



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