13 Apps to Help you Keep your New Year’s Resolution 

New year, new me. For about a week, amiright? Making New Year’s Resolution’s is easy, keeping them is hard. “This year” is always going to be different, but before you know it, you are back in your old ways. But this year IS the year that things are going to be different. It takes several weeks, even months to make (or break) a habit, so don’t stress that as February creeps up, you aren’t instantly obsessed with running.

As you continue the battle to become a new version of your already badass self, here are 13 (free!) apps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution.

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Meditate More


Or at all. I’ve never been a big meditate-r. Even in yoga classes, I struggle to close my eyes and sit still. But I know that there are amazing benefits of meditation like stress relieve, increased creativity and stronger relations, but I have a hard time focusing. But Headspace makes meditation easy and fun, and fits easily into my on-the-go lifestyle.

Headspace for iPhone
Headspace for Android


Spend Less/Save More


Arguably the hardest part of adulting is learning how to manage your finances while still drinking several days a week. Simple connect your cards and accounts and you can set budgets and saving goals. My favorite part? You can see exactly what you are spending money on and set limits for how much you want to spend in each category. Mint sends you reminder when you are getting close or when you have exceeded your pre-determined budgets for each category.

This could also help you break your shopping (or drinking) habit when you see just how much you are spending in these areas each month.

Mint for iPhone
Mint for Android


Eat Better

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal allows you to track your calories, water intake, exercise and more. Enter your goal weight and MFP will create a calorie plan for you. You can even sync up with your fitness devices to integrate your steps and calories burned. The best part? You can copy and paste your favorite recipe link and My Fitness Pal will immediately match and calculate the calories and serving sizes. Making cooking and tracking calories easier than ever!

My Fitness Pal for iPhone
My Fitness Pal for Android


Work Out

Map My Fitness

I truly wish that I loved working out. Once I get out there, I know its not as bad as I imagined. Map My Fitness helps you find the motivation to work out.  You can also get obnoxious notifications about how many miles your energizer bunny friend has just run.

Map My Fitness for iPhone
Map My Fitness for Android

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Drink Water


I love this app. This was one of my personal resolutions and Waterlogged is helping me stay accountable, while making tracking my water intake fun and rewarding. The user interface is simple and easy, simply swipe up (very familiar with swiping) and enter the amount of water you just drank. You can even enter the sizes of your favorite cups to make keeping track easy.  When you hit your goal, you receive coupons and rewards right to your inbox. I got a free Audible Audiobook, just for drinking water!

Waterlogged for iPhone


Read More

Audiobook from Audible

Which brings me right to my next recommendation. There are always 24+ books on my “To Do” list, but can rarely find the time to cross them off. Don’t have time to “read” a book? Listen to one with Audible! Download your book wishlist right to your phone and listen on your way to work or when you are doing chores. You can also use Overdrive to access digital audiobooks from your local library.

Audible for iPhone
Audible for Andriod


Get Organized


The closest thing I have found to the satisfaction of actually crossing something off your to-do list. You can create a variety of to-do lists with task and sub-tasks!  You can organize your lists, share with roommates or co-workers, add reminders, set due dates and for use Type A people, print a tangible list.

Wunderlist for iPhone
Wunderlist for Android

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Digital Detox


Moment will tell you how long you are spending on your phone. You can also set usage goals to let you know when you are spending way to much time on Snapchat. Will even lock you out when you have reached your limit for the day.

Moment for iPhone

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Become a Morning Person

The Morning Man Alarm Clock

I am convinced that this will never be a reality for me. But this is a damn good start. This simple alarm clock app allows you to be woken up to the sweet, sweet voice of a handsome man in any language your heart desires. To be honest, this scared the shit out of me the first time, but I love the concept. What better way to start the day than have someone tell you you are beautiful.

The Morning Man Alarm Clock for iPhone


Write More


I love to write, always have and always will. But after spending a full day at work in front a computer, it can be hard to sit down to write. To keep me on track, I use the Evernote app jot down notes and ideas for the blog while I am on the go. I get my best ideas when I am walking home from work, so this app is the perfect place to capture those ideas. The best part? Everything is connected to your account and ready for you to turn into a blog post when you get to your computer! I could talk about Evernote forever, but you should just download it and find out the awesome-ness first hand.

Evernote for iPhone
Evernote for Android


Learn a new language


Time to brush off those high school language skills. If learning a new language is for professional gain or to simple impress potential dates, Duolingo makes it fun with games and quizzes that help you “level up.”  You can choose from up to 13 langauges and each course features listening and translation exercises. 34 hours of Duolingo is equal to one semester of a language class. Regarde moi maintenant, Monsieur Harsh!

Duolingo for iPhone
Duolingo for Android

Start dating


Gotta kiss a few (hundred) frogs before you find Prince Charming. Kick off 2016 with the handsome frogs from Bumble. Unlike Tinder or Hinge, the girls hold the power and must be the one to text first. Get your pickup lines ready ladies, it is time to change the game.

Bumble for iPhone
Bumble for Android


Declutter your closet


You really are not going to wearing that cheetah mini dress you wore to a Delt date party. It is time to say goodbye and hopefully make some money. ThredUP is an online consignment shop that allows you to buy and sell your gentle used clothes to a new home. Thredup sends you a bag with postage so you just have have to send!

ThredUP for iPhone
ThredUP for Android

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